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Dr Walkin has a real passion for what she does. Helping people's dental health in all aspects is fascinating! For some, it's about finding their TMJ disorder, for others its rebuilding their smile with veneers or clear orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, or it is diagnosing and treating breathing and sleep apnea disorder, or  simply taking a patient out of pain and discomfort. Her love for children made her famous for her ability to treat them at such a young age without help of artificial means: we do not use general anesthesia or laughing gas. Her patience and dedication made her known among the elderly population and anxious patients.

Dr. Walkin graduated from Paris universities 7 in 1993 as an honor student. she practiced dentistry in Paris for a short time then got married to her husband in New York where she pursued a DDS degree from NYU College of Dentistry in 1997. Mother of 7, Dr. Walkin dedicates her life to her husband and children and enjoys family time. With over 20 years of experience, continuing education is a top priority in her schedule and spends considerable amount of time to perfect her knowledge for the best interest of her patients.
The practice
Dr. Walkin's office is adapted specifically for the family needs with very little waiting time in the office. Dr. walkin is known for her time efficient treatment.
Fewer appointments necessary and quick availability of appointment is what define this practice. Our patients never wait in pain!
Together with a high level of care we offer multiples services  with very little outside referrals.  Yes, they take care of your three years old child as well as your teenager orthodontic treatment,or the mom root canal and crownn all-in-one place. Yes we have DVD players on top of every dental chair to help you or your  little one  get distracted during the treatment. Together with her qualified staff they will show you how they take care of you  and make you feel their friendship with patience, sense of humor and competence. Each one of you is treated as a family member! This is how dr Walkin runs her practice!

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